DivvyMaster is a California company created in 2010 with a goal to reduce the anxiety, stress and costs involved in dividing assets in death, divorce and downsizing. The team specifically has focused on the challenges created by the growing number of families with family members no longer living near one another, yet having to deal with aging parents downsizing or dividing estates fairly in death. In addition, the emotional challenge of divorcing couples needing to divide a single household into two we realized could be reduced by having a third party help list, value and provide tools to assist. The online software solution was rebranded to FairSplit.com before launching in the fall 2015.

Our tools include FairSplit.com, online and on location service asset photographing, listing, valuing and dividing services and ListStuffFast app for rapid listing and assigning of a home’s assets. We expect these tools to become standard recommendations of service providers in the industry like estate planners, trust officers, fiduciaries, funeral directors, estate and divorce attorneys, family therapists, downsizing specialists, appraisers, etc. These professionals may either serve as administrators helping families use the services or recommend them as a possible solution to the old ways of having to divide assets.

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